English Post: A week at the wheel of the 2015 Ford Mustang GT


Everybody knows the Ford Mustang. Heck, it’s been in production non-stop since 1964. Of course it had it’s up and it’s down, yes I’m looking straight at you Mustang II, but it’s popularity nerve died down.

First, let me tell you a story.

Personally, I owned a 2006 V6 Mustang. It wasn’t the most powerful (after all it was a V6), it didn’t offer the most refined ride and it wasn’t all that spacious. But with all that said, it was a fun car to own and to drive. I decided to sell it in 2010, to buy something a little bit more family oriented. So we got a 2010 Ford Escape.

I was now Mustangless, but my love for that car never faded. I was still reading every article I could find and watch all the videos I could consume. That short time of being a Mustang owner, turned into a Mustang passion. My whole home office, and sometimes podcasting studio, is decorated almost wall to wall with Mustang die casts, pictures and other kinds of memorabilia. I even have books and all the brochures since the 2010 model year.  It’s certainly not an impressive collection, I’m sure someone out there has all of them, but it’s what I could easily get my hands on.

In 2012, I discovered podcasting. For those who don’t know, a podcast is a radio show that is distributed online as an audio file. These are normally free and mainly available on Apple’s iTunes. They also can be downloaded directly from the creator’s web site, or using other applications.  After discovering what a podcast was, and having dreamed about doing radio as a kid, I decided to jump in. My first podcast covered the entertainment business. We talked about video games, movies, Japanese animation and MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games). After a while, I started wondering if I should try mixing my hobby, podcasting, and my passion about the Mustang. At first, I wanted to create a Mustang only podcast. But finding people willing to talk about the Mustang on a regular basis ended up being more tedious than I thought. I then decided to go with an automotive podcast that I called Podcast auto.

Podcast Auto is a weekly French Canadian podcast, available on iTunes, that covers the car industry in general.  But having a podcast without actually driving and testing out cars seemed weird. So I started working on making contacts in the auto industry.  My first contact was, not so surprisingly, at Ford. The first car I was able to get from them was, awesomely enough, a silver 2013 V6 Ford Mustang coupe. It was a really fun car to and that did nothing to stop the love I had for the pony car. I didn’t do written reviews at the time, but YouTube videos instead. I’ll spare giving you the link to the video, because it was not actually very good. To my defence, it was the first car review I ever did. I didn’t expect it to look professional but at least a bit informative.

So now I’ve been podcasting for 3 years and still love it as much as I did on day one. Also, I now get to write for Kijiji Quebec’s French blog in the automotive section.  I since wrote more than seventy-five articles and drove more cars than I can remember. Doing this also permitted me to meet awesome people and do pretty cool stuff. One of the coolest thing I did was to be invited at Porsche Canada’s Camp 4 event, last February.  There I got to spend the day driving Porsches with a new and pretty awesome friend of mine, automotive journalist extraordinaire. Marc Bouchard.

Now, let’s return to the original subject of this article; The 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

I’ve been waiting to drive the new Mustang  for quite a while. Actually, I’ve been waiting since I knew it was getting refreshed for its 50th birthday. The new Mustang actually came out last fall, but I knew that my chances of driving it at the time was slim to none. I know the car would be very much in demand, so I didn’t have my hopes up. The great part is that at least, even if it’s a bit later than expected, I still get the cars.

It was the same for the Mustang.

The 2015 Mustang isn’t just new, it’s the revitalization of Ford’s pony car for a new generation. Ford Managed to take a classic pony car and make it relevant for the current era.


The Mustang still looks, and sounds, awesome. Although I wasn’t sure how much I liked the new styling, after looking at about a gazillion picture, that styling grew on me quickly. The Mustang actually looks much better in person than in pictures. I truly think that no picture can show the actual beauty of that car. The front facia gives it an aggressive appearance and the new and slimmer HID headlights look great.  The whole stance of the car just looks better in this new version. It’s a bit wider, lower and looks ready to destroy pavement. The race red body color and the black alloy wheels also looked really good. My 2015 Mustang GT was equipped with optional 19 inch wheels and performance tires, the GT performance package and a limited slip differential with a 3.73 gear ratio. The rear of the 2015 Mustang is the only part that left me thinking that something was missing. It looks great, don’t get me wrong, but it looks like that something could be done to make it better. Is it the fact that the false gas cap is gone, that the whole back panel and break lights are all painted black? I can’t put my finger on it. But since I’ve got nothing better to suggest, we’ll just leave it at that. I do like the fact that the Mustang I had did not have a rear spoiler. I grow tired of people putting spoilers on everything and the 2015 Mustang looks good even without. It ends up being a purer and cleaner looking trunk area. And did I mention the sound of the V8?


The interior of the Mustang is another massive improvement. The interior of the last generation Mustang was starting to get old. Even if Ford managed to make it look better over the years, it was certainly not a beauty. The new interior is just, and I’ll say it again, awesome. There is a lot less hard plastic usage. I’m not saying there isn’t any, but the areas where there is some (mainly in the doors) are not critical for my taste. Most areas like the interior part of the door, the dash and the center console are all covered with soft materials.  The steering is now fully adjustable andd includes all the buttons needed to use the entertainment systems and the cool technologies that are available. The Mustang GT I had was equipped with lane departure sensing, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, dual zone climate control and a backup camera.  This Mustang was as well-equipped as  most full size sedans and that’s a really good thing. The gauges, switches and buttons also look cool.


A line of switches, set just behind the shifter, are a nice throwback to the P-51 Mustang airplane from the 1940’s. They work great and just look awesome. Even the speedometer pays tribute to the famous plane. The words “Ground Speed’ are printed on it, right at the bottom. Entertainment wise,  you get the SYNC /MyFord Touch combination. These will let you control pretty much everything that has to do with audio, phones, navigation and climate, using either the touchscreen or voice controls. You can also get heated and cooled seats in the new Mustang. The one I had was equipped with the Recaro sports seats, that do not include heating or cooling options. Nevertheless , these seats are very comfortable and  offer great support, maybe too great if you’re of the chubby side. I totally loved the seats, but they did remind me that I need to lose a couple of pounds. As for the back seats,  well they can actually be useful. Tall adults or teens might feel a bit craped back there,  but kids and people under 5’ 10’’ will probably be fine. For the trunk, it’s surprisingly spacious. Almost mid-sized sedan type of spacious. The trunk lid opening is fairly big, so inserting a few sets of golf clubs, or a week’s worth of groceries, is something totally possible.


On the road, the Mustang is just great. The GT offers pretty aggressive accelerations when you ask for them. It will make the 0 to 100km/h in about 4.5 seconds and 0 to less points on your driver’s license in just a tad more. But at least,  you’ll look and sound great losing them. Stepping just a little bit on the gas pedal will bring you to you cruising speed with a nice V8 growl as an added bonus. The car is also much more comfortable. The suspension and steering can be tweaked to tailor your type of driving. You can select modes like; Normal, Sport and comfort for the steering and Normal, Sport+, Track and Wet/Snow for the traction control. At the flip of a switch, the car will adjust itself accordingly. Personally, I like sport mode for all the settings.  Just remember that the Mustang IS a sports car. If you want a soft and “pillowy” type of ride, you might be looking at the wrong type of car.

It you decide to bring to car to the track, the Track Apps, launch control and line lock that are available to help you look good. The Track Apps will let you record you’re lap, 0-100km/h and 100-0km/h times, while the launch control will help you launch the car from a standstill like a pro. As for line lock, well…It will help you shred your tires by doing burnouts.

So…. is the new Mustang a good car? Well, it not just good, it’s kind of great.

You might think that I’m a bit biased on the matter, but I’m actually really honest here. It’s a great looking car that rides and handles very well. It’s also spacious enough and has all the technology a tech geek (like I am) would actually want.  Would I buy one for myself? Of course I would. Would I get the GT? Maybe not, but I’m not that much of a power oriented type of guy. My choice would probably lean more towards one with the 2.3 litre 4 cylinder EcoBoost engine and it would probably be a convertible. But the sound and power of that 5.0 V8 is pretty great, so…

So if you were waiting for my review to go out and buy yourself a new Mustang, which would be flattering but also kind of frightening , you have my blessing. Go, and shop in peace.

A few details and numbers:

Price as tested : $55 449.00 (CAD)

Body Styles: Two door coupe or two door convertible.

Engines :

3.7 litre V6 : 300hp and 280 pound-feet of torque
2.3 litre turbo-charged i4 (EcoBoost) : 310hp and 320 pound-feet of torque
5.0 litre V8 : 435hp and 400 pound-feet of torque

Transmission: Six speed manual (base) or six speed automatic (option)

Fuel Economy (Litre/100km):

V6 : Manual : 13,5 city/8,3, highway and 11,2 combined. Automatic: 12,6 city, 8,5 highway and 10,8 combined.

4 cylinder EcoBoost : Manual: 10,6 city, 7,5 highway and 9,2 combined. Automatic: 11 city, 7,4 highway and 9,4 combined.

V8 : Manual: 15,2 city, 9,3 highway and 12,5 combined. Automatic 4,9 city,  9,5 highway and 12,5 combined.

My actual fuel economy result, with 5.0 liter V8 and a manual transmission, was 11.3 litre/100km combined.

P.S : This is actually my first English blog post. Hopefully, it’s not to atrociously written. I’m totally open to constructive comments. 🙂


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